Abbriviation for WarCraft3, the best game to play when Counter-Strike is pissing you off.
"enough with this CS bullshiz0rz, it's time to play a real game"
by PigGuy June 10, 2003
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Abbreviation for Warcraft 3, a popular real- time strategy game. One of my personal favourites at the moment.
It has an epic storyline and incredible online features.
The gameplay is vastly different to many other real- time strategy games, because some units have special abilities and magic which can do any number of things, from healing your units to summoning wolves, to even ressurecting dead troops to fight for you (regardless of whom they belonged to before). Obviously there are tight restrictions on how often the more powerful abilities can be used, and so they should be used tacticly.
Some people have made custom maps that only use the basic game engine to make all sorts of other ways to play online, such as Line Tower Wars, DotA (VERY popular), Footman Frenzy, Wintermaul and Uther Party (Tons of minigames, I think there were about 50 in the last version I played).
There is also an expansion pack, called The Frozen Throne, which improves even further on the gameplay.
My friend: Wanna play some wc3?
Me: Ok
Friend: Standard game then? Or do you want to do some DotA?
Me: Actally I feel like playing Line Tower Wars.
by Seabutcher June 20, 2006
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Damn straight fool! WC3 owns. End of story. This fagz makin' crap like Ages of Empires and crap should just succumb to the greatness of BLIZZ.
When a big ass 4v4 battle ensues with all sorts of shit on the ground, in the air, and a whole mother-bitch load of spells being cast. And then I emerge the victor.
by JAKELIKESBOYZ June 23, 2003
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A game bye Blizzard, (Blaizzard is gay cause it rejected the starcraft mod for CnC) any way WC3 is gay, only dorks with glasses play this game, I you have it you are
2.a dork
3.CnC Hater
WOW! he is gay, he must play WC3
by Funsocks April 13, 2005
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A very short form of sayting Warcraft 3 World Editor.

World editor is the program that comes with warcraft 3 that allows you to make maps, effects, units and everything you could ever want.
I made some kickass effects with triggers in the wc3 WE last night.
by MobKing_101 June 1, 2006
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