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The act of yourself and an opponent perfectly aligning your penises and urinate as hard as you can, so that the two jets hit eachother. The winner of the duel is whomever lasts the longest, or manages to defeat their opponent by pushing their stream back.
Enough of this, let’s settle this like real men! Through Dick Duelling!
by Carnefice November 5, 2017
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A conspiracy theory stating that liberal & left-wing media outlets such as CNN cherrypick news stories in order to promote ideas of demonisation against “privileged” groups, such as mass shootings carried out by white perpetrators, and likewise embargo stories that contradict this point of view, such as rampant black-on-black violence.
“What? White Farmers are being murdered in South Africa? Why isn’t anybody reporting this!?”

“Because it doesn’t fit The Narrative.”
by Carnefice October 8, 2019
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To brake abruptly as the target of a high speed chase, as to force your pursuers to vastly overshoot you, ram one another, or collide with an oncoming object.

The phrase “Endor Brake” comes from a popular example of the manoeuvre’s use, in Star Wars Episode VI, Return of the Jedi.
“How did you escape the FBI so easily?”

“It was simple, I gave them the old Endor Brake Manoeuvre!”
by Carnefice December 23, 2017
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To be ripped to extremely fine shreds, like ribbons, to the point at which your remains resemble a confetti explosion.
“Hey dude, think I could fight that bear?”

“You kidding? You’ll get confetti’d.”
by Carnefice July 20, 2019
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The act of being manipulated specifically into believing that somebody (usually a crush) is in love with you, when in actuality they have no interest in you.
“Look at Malvolio, trying to impress Olivia!”

“Poor fool, he’s been Boxtree’d.”
by Carnefice September 24, 2017
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The name given to the feeling of enjoyment and nostalgia when reflecting on an event that was a negative experience at the time, but is humorous or fun to look back on.
"God, I hated hiking up that mountain at the time. But looking back, I guess it was a unique experience. That's Type 2 Fun for you!"
by Carnefice January 3, 2018
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‘COFFEE’ is an acronym representing the phrase “Chorus Only, Fucking Forget Everything Else”, used to describe songs that have no tangible substance or meaning beyond a catchy chorus.
“Have you listened to ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith?”

“Are you kidding? That’s a total COFFEE song.”
by Carnefice April 25, 2023
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