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The act of incrementally moving, sliding or scooting one's derrière, buttocks or rear along when sitting on a sofa or bench, usually to make room for others to sit.

Probably derived from "scoot," which means "To move or slide to the side."
Brett, please schooch down a little so Aunt Dolores will have room to sit down.
by Joseph Poliakon December 30, 2004
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To move object an 1/32 of an inch, per the request of Ed Motteler
Can you move that light over a schooch. Now move it back a schooch.
by Josh Sherman August 15, 2003
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Tracy: Hey Anna did you get that thing checked out?
Anna: Yea, I think I might have an std. There was a lot of schooch coming out last night.
by Billybobjohnston November 30, 2017
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Scot's (language spoken in scotland) word for: Ass, ringpiece etc.
by secue December 29, 2002
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1. the softest part of the human body, right under the lip.
2. a sad face, in which the lower lip is stuck out, in an adorable fashion
*coined by Tara*
Someone is sad and they make a puppy dog say, "Don't you schooch me!"
by Carly March 03, 2003
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