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9 definitions by Captain Nimbus

sneeze + session
When a person sneezes multiple times in a row. Can be measured either in time or number of sneezes.
My roommate always has snessions of seven sneezes in a row.
During allergy season, my snessions can last a solid minute.
by Captain Nimbus June 7, 2013
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To split the cost of a gift between two or more people.
I only have $10 to spend on a birthday present; I'd better join up with my friend so we can co-give something a little better.
by Captain Nimbus June 7, 2013
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Two or more people who attach their name to one gift to save money.
We could each only afford to spend $20 on a birthday present, so we became co-givers to get one good gift instead of two crappy ones.
by Captain Nimbus June 7, 2013
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Beyond freakin, just below fuckin.
You've gotta be fareakin kidding me!
There's no fareakin way I'm going in there again.
That tarantula was fareakin huge!
by Captain Nimbus June 7, 2013
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Rhetorical + Contortion--verbal gymnastics (twists, leaps, side-steps, etc.) used to validate one's own position, either justifying a poorly founded/unfounded belief or defending an unpopular position; carefully crafted language meant to state a controversial stance without being rejected by one's peer group
The anti-gay congressman/priest had to do some fancy rhetortions to explain why he was caught having sex with another man.
by Captain Nimbus January 23, 2013
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To sit around and drink coffee instead of getting things done. Can be done while reading or watching TV.
I had fifty things I needed to do, but instead I just sat around and procaffinated with a book and my favorite mug.
by Captain Nimbus September 2, 2013
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1. to Fail so hard that it becomes a Win; something ridiculous, pointless and/or accidental that turns out well, or at least cool 2. an act so stupid that it's actually impressive 3. when one person's Fail is another person's Win 4. a Failed attempt at one thing that leads to a Win at something else; a mistake that works out in the end; to make such a mistake
1. Man orders size 14.5 shoe, company sends him size 1450.

2. Man thinks his house is being robbed, swallows his 200 piece coin collection to keep it safe. Fail: He wasn't really being robbed; Win: He was able to swallow 200 coins

3. Woman tries to shame her bf in public by threatening to break up with him; he actually breaks up with her

4. Chocolate chip cookies were invented when a baker ran out of chocolate powder, so instead broke pieces of baker's chocolate into the dough, thinking it would turn the dough chocolate; the most iconic cookie in the world was made by accident.
by Captain Nimbus June 14, 2012
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