1450 is a secret orginazation of the most powerful and influential elite in the lower mainland of BC Canada.

They consists of international doctors,government officials,leaders in the astronomical energy cartel.

The sole goal of 1450 is to destroy the tyranny that wrecks the Vancouver area. Their work is done unselfishly where they want no recognition or awards for their duties.
1: Did you hear about the homeless people in downtown Vancouver that were cold?
2: Yeah, they all got clothing and their days were saved.

1: I heard it was a group called 1450 that saved the day.
by Kharkoo December 02, 2010
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Internet commentators hired, to sway public opinion in favor of the Taiwanese political party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), by DPP Members.
Democratic Progressive Party is always praised by 1450 Army for right and wrong.
by Pure_Taiwanese April 20, 2020
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Another word for gay, but it’s a secret.
Mr Rose: I should call you 1450 from now on

by jvalleyjvalley December 18, 2018
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