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1) Size of an extraordinarily large penis.

2) Less than one percent of all males make up this category.
"Why the hell is she with that guy? He's such a loser!" "I don't know, maybe he has nine inches or something!"
by Cappy1 June 17, 2004
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The prepuce or foreskin of the penis. Also known as a sheath or hood. Retractable double layer of skin that slides up and down the shaft of the penis and normally covers and protects the glans (head) from friction. This part is surgically removed when a male is circumcised therefore not every guy still has his dick sleeve.
To hell with circumcision! I'm not getting my dick sleeve chopped off!
by Cappy1 July 8, 2010
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My dick head is really sensitive because I still got my dick sleeve!
by Cappy1 July 14, 2010
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1) Slang term for male masturbation.

2) Grasping a penis, then stroking vigorously in and up and down motion in order to produce an orgasm. Usually accompanied by ejaculation of semen.

See also: jerking off; jerkin the gherkin; jacking off; wanking; whacking off; beating your meat; chocking your chicken; spanking the monkey; slapping the salami; tickling the pickle
When your little brother is taking three showers a day, each for 45 minutes...he’s probably beating off!
by Cappy1 July 10, 2018
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Masturbating (usually pertaining to someone who is uncircumcised, ie: pulling the skin back).
by Cappy1 June 9, 2004
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Famous naked baby who was on the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind album.

*Note: He's a teenager now!
Spencer Elden doesn't remember posing nude for his Nevermind shoot.
by Cappy1 October 6, 2005
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can refer to the scrotum or the testicles
Dude close your legs, I can see your saggy sisters!
by Cappy1 June 10, 2004
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