A phrase spoken when you smell any unpleasant odor (stump dump, lobster boat, dumpster at the shrimp plant, paper mill)within earshot of any female.

Used commonly on the coast of Maine as far back as the mid-1980s
(When walking down near the fish auction): "Jesus Christ, Tammy, close your legs, you skank!"
by Maine-uh July 22, 2006
When a girl has her legs open and you can smell her pussy.
What’s that smell it’s coming from your pussy close your legs.
by Pussyfootednigger69 February 27, 2020
Told to females when they openly flirt/come onto a guy in public without shame, or when showing extreme Public Displays of Affection in front of others.
Jenny: Oh Matt, why are you so darn cute?!
Matt: Oh do you like that, baby?
(begin to make out)
Brianna: Jesus Jenny, CLOSE YOUR LEGS.
by Brianna_Ashlee September 23, 2009
the stench of your coochie is capable of knocking out the masses.
1: “Dude do you smell that?”

2: “yeah bro, I think that’s Savannah’s coochie
1: “hey Savannah, close your legs the war is over hoe.”
by gothfoth September 25, 2022
Typically misogynistic arguments used to push the onus on the one in question to deny them rights . Used to commonly conflate responsibility with rights provided serving as a red herring .
You shouldn't appeal to close your legs arguments such as telling a man to get a vasectomy or practice abstinence if he doesnt want to pay child support as if the right to decline child support has any bearing on whether he's responsible or not .
by Euthyphrodilemma July 24, 2022