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28 definitions by Cam

Any sort of sealing device on a bottled beverage. There are various of types and styles of jucks, from that little plastic ring on your milk jug, (jug/juck... coincidence? I think not) to the shrink wrapping on a bottle of yoohoo.
Get that juck off your wang and eat your peas, Billy!
by Cam December 16, 2004
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simple.... my sister. she licks alot of puss. that lesbian fuck but, i sometimes enjoy watching
i walked in on my sis also known as lickalottapuss, licking lots of puss
by Cam April 22, 2004
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1. (noun) A legal teen dating site in which many pedophiles tend to use to their advantage.

2. (noun) Common and cheap yet effective pickup line in almost every situation.

2. "Hey dont you have a myspace?"
"Aren't you my friend on myspace"
"hey I popped your myspace cherry, now let's do yours"
by Cam April 18, 2005
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is sooooo goodlooking and is not declining
eva cass carrie and victoria
by Cam November 22, 2004
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sugar-coated way to say motherf*cker!!
"I'm hungrier than a monjiggy"
"you a dumb monjiggy"
by Cam May 6, 2005
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an individual who tries to get ahead in life by performing difficult and self-depricating tasks, but often to no avail.
You would've thought Jill could've gotten that job given all the dick she sucks. What a mountain climber.
by Cam April 13, 2005
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