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The greatest music writer ever who hated fame and the rock style life but without him we would be listening to some crap music, people buy nirvanas CD's listen and they will connect with you somehow, On April 5 94 he was MURDERED, the stupid cops close the investigation after three days so we couldnt acctually find out but next april 5 there is please pay ur respects
If people say theres only one wise man he was it.
Smells like teen spirit is the single handily the greatest song in the world listen to it urself and buy the box set i did
by Cam March 30, 2005
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sugar-coated way to say motherf*cker!!
"I'm hungrier than a monjiggy"
"you a dumb monjiggy"
by Cam May 6, 2005
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an individual who tries to get ahead in life by performing difficult and self-depricating tasks, but often to no avail.
You would've thought Jill could've gotten that job given all the dick she sucks. What a mountain climber.
by Cam April 13, 2005
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Sweetist Guitar Company. Buy the ic300

used by good bands, system of a down
by Cam December 11, 2003
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One hell of a Half Life/CounterStrike/DoD/BF1942/BFVietnam/JediAcademy/AvP/WarcraftIII/who knows what else/ player, who seems to never be able to play them all at once no matter how hard he tries.

Also a monster from the great game Final Fantasy X (source of name)
Dude, that Demonolith guy spanked us in that game.
by Cam April 1, 2004
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Biggest Spaz on the East Coast. Thinks he can beat people up but really couldn't even hurt a third grader
Dude, spaz, your acting like colin, but your punch actually hurt
by Cam December 23, 2004
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