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Best comic strip ever drawn. A masterpiece.
Today I read a calvin and hobbes comic.
by Cam October 19, 2003
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Fucked up French-Canadian show.
watch teletoon to see
by cam May 17, 2004
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If it exits, its where Fred Phelps and his supporters are spending eternity.l
Anyone who has a website that shows the number of days some poor murdered young man has been in hell, is obviously full of shit and truly evil, and if there is a hell he's going.
by Cam July 03, 2004
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the sexiest chick ever
That is karee!!!!!!!
by Cam April 09, 2005
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a slang term for weed
Let's get an Al Green CD tonight.
by CAM July 03, 2004
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1. (noun) A legal teen dating site in which many pedophiles tend to use to their advantage.

2. (noun) Common and cheap yet effective pickup line in almost every situation.
1. www.myspace.com

2. "Hey dont you have a myspace?"
"Aren't you my friend on myspace"
"hey I popped your myspace cherry, now let's do yours"
by CAM April 18, 2005
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Best hardcore band ever. Not a screamo, emo, punk, pop-punk, indie, ska, hard rock, or metal band. Real hardcore. Since they are so great, this word can be used as an adjective to describe anything that is that awesome.
That chick is so poisonthewell, I need to get a piece of that right now.
by Cam April 26, 2004
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