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No its not someone with a fetish to cinema because then any time you watched porn (yes that can be considered cinema) you would be categorized into this.

A Cinemaphile is someone who appreciates the art of EVERY single aspect of cinematography and most notably the viewing experience.

Cinemaphiles will laugh at your 32" TV playing DVD's in Dolby Pro Logic II Surround.

Cinemaphiles will glare at you when you start texting in the middle of a movies finest display of an art, and a multimillion dollar art at that.

Cinemaphile's will ALWAYS spend much much more than the average consumer or even prosumer on high end equipment to furnish their "living rooms" which usually end up as close to a movie theater as permitted by their blind, deaf, and ignorant wives who don't understand the difference between TV size.

Cinemaphile's usually, actually almost always, own at least one or two HD camera's...if they don't they probably own a full size Panavision Super 35 camera somewhere...Of course they have the computer to handle this all if not more than one.

A true Cinemaphile will be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p and at times rant on about how 1080p should really be called 1920 and 720p should be called 1280 because everyone knows horizontal resolution is where its at.
Sony, Onkyo, Mcintosh, Harman Kardon, Yamaha, Boston Acoustics, Sennheiser, etc. for your audio fix...

RED, Sony, Canon, Panavision, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Arri, etc. for your film/video capture needs and display...

There are literally thousands of things I haven't covered but if you haven't heard of half those terms and brands your not a cinemaphile.

8 Channel DTS/Dolby Digital TrueHD decoder with 5 HDMI inputs and 4k upscaling hooked to a 12 core Mac Pro watching Book of Eli in raw 5k RED code on a 2k projector? Not impressed and it looks a little fuzzy I can tell you really killed the RED code with the 2k projector.. - Cinemaphile
by CTU_FieldAgent200 November 11, 2011
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A person whose lives are run by movies. They spend ridiculous amounts of money, and get an intense joy from watching other people.
Paige is so much of a cinemaphile it doesn't matter that going to the cinema has put her $139 in the hole.
by MoviesRuS July 21, 2011
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A cinemaphile is someone who is obsessed with movies, the idea of movies, the image of movies, and the way movies are made and watched. If one is looking to point out, or profile a cinemaphile you would be looking for someone who is pale, on account for their willingness to shut themselves indoors, and lastly someone who will not stfu about movies. You'll know it when you here it.
Do every see Amanda on the weekends?

No dude she's a total cinemaphile. She shuts herself in and watches romantic comedies, that's why's she's so pale.
by Zachary97 March 16, 2014
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