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An expression used to compliment a blank, retarded facial expression.

If used on its own, 'ehhh' is a show of confusion or uncertainty. However, it can also be used as part of a sentence, even multiple times, when immitating a person of inferior intelligence, or someone who is slow on the uptake.

"And Jonny was all like 'Ehhh, I is ehhh, wanting to know if you is wanting to buy my car."
by COL April 23, 2004
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the discarded foreskin following a circumcision.
"Hey nurse, can you toss that schmuck into the biohazard bag, please?"
by COL December 6, 2003
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(adj.) Possibly the worst word you can have your name associated with.

It is hard to define the word, but it is basically used to describe someone so disgraceful that they are seen as the lowest form of life. "Worthlessness", "waste of skin", "dirt". "Nothing". Far worse than most other insults, where the victim is often just referred to as genetalia.

The fact that "scum" is a non-swear, and seen as perfectly acceptable English, makes it even more demeaning and offensive. If you are condemned as a "cunt" or a "fucktard", then you are simply being attacked with cliché profanity, used spontaneously and with no particular venom or thought. "Scum", however, is usually only used in exclusive conditions where it is the only word for the job, and makes the victim feel like the lowest of the low.
You are scum.
Absolute scum.
by COL March 26, 2005
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The world's #1 DJ (at the time of writing). Although not my personal favourite DJ, this is probably a fair description.

Technically, Tiesto definitely is one of the best DJs in the world. His mixing is flawless, interesting, and unique. He plays tracks of various electronic genres, usually trance, but most importantly he plays to the crowd, and his sets seem to vary from country to country. Basically, if you want to hear it, Tiesto usually plays it.

His productions are variable. In the early years of trance, Tiesto produced with many other artists, in high-quality projects such as Kamaya Painters, Major League, and Gouryella. Nowadays, Tiesto just produces tracks that fit well into his mixing style, such as most of the stuff on 'Just Be', his most recent album.

Tiesto is an amazing remixer, with prime examples being his remixes of 'Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun' and 'Delerium - Silence', which have both become absolute classics of the genre. He seems to be open-minded, and experiments with remixes, which is an attitude particularly obvious in his 'Radiohead - Street Spirit' and 'Dave Matthews Band - The Space Between' remixes.

As is expected of someone so high up in his field, many people insist on putting Tiesto down; and their motive is usually jealousy. Tiesto's mixes and productions are not for everyone, but it is easy to see why he is respected.
Tiesto is a superclub DJ.
'Suburban Train', 'Traffic' and 'Flight 643' are all produced by Tiesto.
by COL May 27, 2004
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Marpat is the better of the two existing digital patterns: the ones used by U.S. Marines and that Canadian "forces" thing north of here.
was perfected for the use of soldiers
that actually do stuff.
GI Joe: Hey, lets go buy our new digital uniforms and actually put them to use.

Gi Schmo: Who doesn't?

Gi Joe: Those guys up north.

Gi Schmo: they have an army?

Gi Joe: I wouldn't blame you for not knowing.

Both: HA HA HA HA HA!...
by COL May 5, 2005
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A slang word pointlessly tagged onto the end of a sentence when talking to someone you know and respect.

Commonly used by townies, and scunners.
You alright, mush?

Wanna go out tonight, mush?
by COL April 23, 2004
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An enthusiastic, friendly greeting, usually made from one male to another. It originated from an exaggerated "Lad!" ("Laaaaad!"), before obtaining the extra 'r' to give it a deeper, more solid sound.
Woahhh! John lard!
by COL April 23, 2004
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