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Marpat is the better of the two existing digital patterns: the ones used by U.S. Marines and that Canadian "forces" thing north of here.
was perfected for the use of soldiers
that actually do stuff.
GI Joe: Hey, lets go buy our new digital uniforms and actually put them to use.

Gi Schmo: Who doesn't?

Gi Joe: Those guys up north.

Gi Schmo: they have an army?

Gi Joe: I wouldn't blame you for not knowing.

Both: HA HA HA HA HA!...
by COL May 05, 2005
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retired people with a comfortable retirement take loads of vacations during the year (usually with a company called saga who do holidays for the over 50s).
Grampa: we're going to spain next week
lil:oh you and grandma are such saga louts
by COL January 25, 2005
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A slang word pointlessly tagged onto the end of a sentence when talking to someone you know and respect.

Commonly used by townies, and scunners.
You alright, mush?

Wanna go out tonight, mush?
by COL April 23, 2004
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Casual insult used against someone who has done something you don't like.
What did you do that for? You nobber.
by COL April 23, 2004
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the discarded foreskin following a circumcision.
"Hey nurse, can you toss that schmuck into the biohazard bag, please?"
by COL December 05, 2003
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(adj.) Possibly the worst word you can have your name associated with.

It is hard to define the word, but it is basically used to describe someone so disgraceful that they are seen as the lowest form of life. "Worthlessness", "waste of skin", "dirt". "Nothing". Far worse than most other insults, where the victim is often just referred to as genetalia.

The fact that "scum" is a non-swear, and seen as perfectly acceptable English, makes it even more demeaning and offensive. If you are condemned as a "cunt" or a "fucktard", then you are simply being attacked with cliché profanity, used spontaneously and with no particular venom or thought. "Scum", however, is usually only used in exclusive conditions where it is the only word for the job, and makes the victim feel like the lowest of the low.
You are scum.
Absolute scum.
by COL March 26, 2005
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A depressing hole south of the river. Where the only grass is the dried kind.Don't make eye contact with anyone unless you want to be shot.Londons' ghetto.
Wow! I got out of Brixton alive!
by COL January 25, 2005
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