1. A bad idea.
2. An over simplification of a complicated idea to rationalize away the unknow so that the general public can sleep at night believing that by attending religious services they are on the way to salvation.
3. Subtle attempts at brainwashing for a.... "good" cause.
4. The lack of desiring real answers about life and thusly settling for what is popularly accepted.
1. Organized religion is about as smart as eating bleach.
2. Organized religion is like having "Advanced Calculus For Dummies."
3. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but any group trying to convince me to giving money to them along with believing crackers are God will get me into heaven, isn't all too far from brainwashing, regardless of motives.
4. I'm lazy so I am a fervent believer in organized religion.
by the Smith August 28, 2007
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A form of crime ring or cult that relies on convincing the general public that they are the guardians of morality and ethics.
They usually hide behind walls of self-righteousness and mass manipulation.

Questioning their propaganda is prohibited - sometimes as part of any scriptures or other materials passed down through the generations.

In this, they are able to exist for centuries, or even millennia - without interference from most forms of government and law enforcement.
Some of their favourite victim groups include:
- Young Children
- People with Disabilities
- The Mentally Ill
- The Naive
- Members of other organized religions, or even persons not affiliated with one
BOB: Hey Tom, did you hear Father Grimes got sent to jail cause he raped a bunch of kids 20 years ago?
TOM: That's organized religion for you...

MARY: Hey Betty, my parents are thinking of going to Syria to kill people that don't agree with their beliefs...
BETTY: Good grief... sounds like that organized religion got to their heads.

ADAM: Richard, have you heard of that group that meets at the community centre every weekend? COVID's got me bored as fuck... I'm thinking of joining.
RICHARD: Watch out, that's some cult-ass organized religion bullshit going on there.
ADAM: Oh wow, thanks! Definitely going to be skipping that garbage.
by diabetesspicelatte November 11, 2021
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