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1. A bad idea.
2. An over simplification of a complicated idea to rationalize away the unknow so that the general public can sleep at night believing that by attending religious services they are on the way to salvation.
3. Subtle attempts at brainwashing for a.... "good" cause.
4. The lack of desiring real answers about life and thusly settling for what is popularly accepted.
1. Organized religion is about as smart as eating bleach.
2. Organized religion is like having "Advanced Calculus For Dummies."
3. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but any group trying to convince me to giving money to them along with believing crackers are God will get me into heaven, isn't all too far from brainwashing, regardless of motives.
4. I'm lazy so I am a fervent believer in organized religion.
by the Smith August 28, 2007
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