Hey, check out that creepy old man. Hes a total chomo.
by Dayton November 4, 2003
Prison term used for child molester. Scrum of the prison system lower than a rat. Free pickings.... first likely to be sexually abused a chomo is usual found out by suspicious inmates getting a hold of case files and passing them around the yard.
Weak screams.... they got another chomo
by phatso April 1, 2015
Prison slang for child molester
chomo=child molester
by Ajax Axxe$$ January 12, 2003
Jail house term for a child molestor
Malone is a big fat chomo!
by malonesdaddy August 14, 2011
That guy Kyle in the white van is such a chomo.
by LeftyJ November 23, 2009