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You go to sleep, but wake up every hour or two and check the clock, so as not to miss a scheduled event such as: Going to work, Class or a Date.
I went to sleep at 8am and woke up at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 finally 3:30pm checked the clock every time and went work to do another 12 hour shift. Clock-watching
by Burned out July 08, 2013
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A imaginary place that seems to keep men looking impossibly preserved, when they sleep.
He has washboard abs, and an impossibly

chiseled looks at 55. He probably sleeps in a hunkbox.
by Burned out February 12, 2014
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A period of time in which an adult pretends that he/she is a child again and has no responsibilities to tend to, spends money like the world is ending, and relaxes. Vacation is usually followed by a period of financial instability, hundreds of emails, and depression from the lack of vacation.
I went on vacation, and now I need another vacation due to my lack of vacation.
by Burned out March 30, 2010
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