To make an irrational verbal attack on someone.
Mike got home late from work only to have Nina totally nut off at him, thinking he was cheating on her; she only shut up when he showed her the design he had to create at short notice.
by aum108 March 06, 2011
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The act of comparing the reproductive organ, testes. The man said to of had the biggest nuts by group consensus is the nut off winner. A common game played whilst intoxicated at sausage parties between young men who wished to prove themselves to be the sex-king of the world.
David your nuts are massive compared to my sultana's, you are the nut off champion.
by Trooper October 12, 2005
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"Rag the Nuts Off" is a Facebook group, that is dedicated to the Remote Control Hobby encompassing anything that flies.

Check out the Facebook group: Rag the Nuts Off
Possible ways to use or describe "Rag the Nuts Off"
1. Fly it like you stole it / let it rip / give it all you've got
2. Balls ripped, no more nuts
3. Have fun with good guys, discuss rc stuff, share experiences, and fly model planes like a maniac
4. push you & the model to the maximum
5. abusing the wing by the style of piloting and achieve maximum performance
6. In french "à fond la caisse et sans pitié pour le matériel "

Possible uses in a sentence:

1. Are you going to use a 4s battery? That should rag the nuts off of that model!
2. I'm going to fly over to balls deep, and rag the nuts off.
3. I can't wait to get out of work, and go rag the nuts out of my RC models.
4. After I pass farmer's daughter, I'm going to rag the nuts off getting back over to the flight line.
5. This new setup, should rag the nuts off of this model.

So, in short the term Rag the Nuts Off, Is a way of commenting how something extreme is going to be accomplished.
by j buxton December 05, 2016
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This describes someone who has great oral sex suction.
That Wonda Wonderpig could suck the nuts off a gorilla!
by I, Wreckerrr February 22, 2017
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V. to ejaculate, usually used by males to describe what level of sexual play they would like to achieve with a female
Mike: "So you wanna date her or what?"
Daniel: "Nah man, I'm just tryna get my nut off. You know what I'm sayin?"
by Korubi July 21, 2008
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Something so amazing or incredible happens that someone rips their testicles off.
You won the lottery and it was so amazing you Rip your nuts off.
by Bay Mac June 23, 2021
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When you engage in sexual intercourse, climax, then strut your fine ass as far away as possible.
“Well how do I do a nut and cut?”
“Simple, Bust a nut and off ya strut
by Starecrow February 22, 2018
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