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handsome male who is fabulous with the ladies- highest breed of male
You got a salil?- Your so lucky
by Budda March 17, 2005

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The art of Female Masturbation
I caught her in a tent playing the slot
by Budda September 09, 2004

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A certain amount of weed that can be purchased for $10 (amount varies from place to place)
Yo lemme grab a deagle off of yu!
by Budda February 23, 2005

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The feeling equivalent to being dragged behind your stolen car 50 km/h on a dirt road in your underwear while your family is being shot, your girlfriend breaks up with you, you're losing your job and hair and the nails you ate yesterday are finding alternative ways of exiting your body.
It felt bård.

I only survived, because i was able to concentrate getting one foot in front of the other instead of the bård.

I wanted to kill myself because of the bård.

Fuck the king, i wish he was bård
by budda April 08, 2005

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a oversized wife with crapy control and bad graphics but was cool "back in the day"
Your wife is an Atari, bet you wish you had a PS 2.
by budda May 14, 2004

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A word that describes worthlessness.
I have never felt so torstein.

Dude, your car is torstein.
by budda April 08, 2005

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