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The act of pebble dashing, or to pebble dash, is the act of passing gas with a "wet kiss". The "pebbles" are dashed from the "lips" during the "wet kiss".

The act of slinging bits of poo during a wet fart.
When I farted I accidentally pebble dashed my shorts. The wife hates it when I pebble dash.
by Bubbacop November 1, 2008
The term Jack Wad is used to describe an uneducated, moronic, retard, with absolutaly no regard for any onther person. This term is mostly used to describe a law breaker or other low life drain on society.
O.J. Simpson is a huge Jack Wad and deserved life in prison.
by Bubbacop October 14, 2008
Pronounced "show - boo" Its short for Short Bus. A shobu is someone who just isn't that smart. Maybe someone who is a little slower than the rest of us. Basically STUPID. Shobu can be used to describe ones actions or to describe a particular person. Shobu can also be used in place of ones name.
Dude, you're so shobu its not even funny anymore. or Hey shobu, love the black socks and sandles.
by Bubbacop October 29, 2008
Farting while walking or walking while farting. (silent or audible)
I crap dusted my way down the sidewalk.

I was crap dusting as I walked away from her.
by Bubbacop October 30, 2008
An outrageously fat person.
Holy crap on a cracker! Check out the fatty boom ba laddy coming this way.
by Bubbacop October 23, 2008
The BABE GAUGE is the process or system used to rate a female on a 1-10 point scale to determine beauty. Points are divided into 4 specific areas and a total is achieved by adding the points to gauge the beauty of a woman according to her attributes, features, and/or attitude.

- The first THREE point set is used to rate a woman from the top of her head to the top of her shoulders. (from zero to three)

- The second THREE point set is used to rate a woman from the top of her shoulders to the top of her hips. (from zero to three)

- The third THREE point set is used to rate a woman from the top of her hips to the bottom of her feet. (from zero to three)

- The final ONE point is used at the discreation of the person rating the woman. This point can be awarded for attitude or for that attractive attribute that you just cant put your finger on. It is awarded or withheld at your discretion. (from zero to one)

Any and all points are awarded or witheld according to your personal preferences. BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.

Once you have awarded points to each of the aforementioned sections, simply add them together to get a complete and accurate beauty rating.

Half points, veriations, and modifications to the Babe Guage are done according to personal preferences to suit your needs and desires. MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!
Lets use the BABE GAUGE to rate your Mom. Nice hair, pretty face, lazy eye, and great smile. I'd say shes a 2 on top. She has a fit tight stomach, healthy chest and a rather nice tan. I'd give her a 3 on the mid section. She has a large butt, skinny legs, and pretty nasty feet. I'd give her a 1 on the bottom. Shes got a great personality, but she thinks shes better looking than she really is so I withhold any other points. Your mom is a 6. Not Bad!.......Not goood, but still not bad.
by Bubbacop October 13, 2008