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The part of the tits that make my pants move. The pointing part generally found in the center. Hopefully they are not huge and brown stained.
Sometimes I rub my tallywacker on my girlfriends nipples the I give her a mushroom tattoo.
by bt February 20, 2003

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A very very small tube steak. opposite of schlong.
HAHAHAHA, Jimmy-Bob-Joe just got pantsed and we all saw his little schlort.
by bt February 27, 2003

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Beautiful caring young lady, who really loves God. Is a beautiful person inside and out, has a very sincer discreet way of showing she cares for you. Lashonda loves to laugh. You don't want to risk loosing her she is somewhat a waterfall in a dessert, so she is someone who can definitely be there to give u that needed word of encouragement during the most trying times.
Lashonda is nice.
by Bt July 06, 2012

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1. To borrow a cigarette from an english chap

2. To stick a dick in a gay guys ass
1. Excuse me my good chap, may I perhaps bum a fag.

2. I once accidentally clicked on a gay porn site on al4a.com/links.html and saw some guy bumming a fag.
by bt February 28, 2003

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1. Occurs when the ass cheek buns rub together causing severe friction burn to the inner bum region. Usually occurs when crack is sweating and dries up very fast. A red burning sensation is felt.

2. Occurs when the ball bag rubs gainst the inner thigh causing the same red burning sensation mentioned above.

NOTE: Never put GoldBond powder on a chafed area. This will cause intense burning and make you what to rip your balls off.
I was fucking running hard from the cops last night but I got so chafed I had to run bow-legged and they caught me. SHHHIET!
by bt February 20, 2003

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A game played by 2 gay men in the privacy of their own bedroom
Khoan and Corey were into a heavy game of bumdarts last night. I can tell because they are both walking funny
by bt February 19, 2003

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a young jewish boy...who is extremely cheap...this is the polite way of saying jew in public without others knowing...the word jew is acceptable if your guarenteed not to be around jews...such as in chaminade(just ask shawn watro)

plural form- weji...group of jewish boys
Look at those weji, bayer and levin, leaving the bagel cafe!

The weji are grazing in the field looking for little shinny objects.
(Booby daly's example)

Bt- Levin buy me a cookie!
Levin- NO WAY BT!
Bt- Come on Levin just do it...ill give you the 25 cents change
Levin- Okay fineee
^Perfect example of a wej at work^
by bt February 15, 2005

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