16 definition by Bridget

An exclamation to notify someone that they have done something really stupid
If something has done something truly stupid and uncalled for, like setting a church with people inside on fire, you'd say.
by bridget February 06, 2004

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leavin to go to a party or a club in a new outfit
From Big Gipp Feat. Sleepy Brown, "Steppin Out"
by Bridget September 24, 2003

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it means when you get ready to have sexual relations with a woman or man
Are you ready for me to touchdown on that ass?
by Bridget February 03, 2005

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a mixture of 2 alcoholic drinks
Lets get some Hypnotic and Hennessy and make a Incredible Hulk
by Bridget February 03, 2005

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To agree with a statement.
-Did you agree with what that guy said about your mom?
by Bridget April 04, 2004

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quit, leavein the game. From 50 cent Feat. Eminem in Patiantly waiting
I copped out does that make me a quitta?
by Bridget September 16, 2003

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An adorable goober that runs from lipstick
Aaaawwwwwww Pooka is such an adorable goober!!!
by Bridget February 16, 2003

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