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Located in "South Central MA", Worcester is a predominantly blue-collar city that is more than a bit past its prime. Renowned for its abandoned warehouses and "three deckahs," Worcester also boasts 10 colleges and is home to a burgeoning immigrant population.

As far as cities go, it's basically a cultural wasteland...but there is a good music scene there, if you know where to look. A lot of bands from the northeast get there start by playing at Worcester venues, but there aren't many good bands that are actually FROM Worcester.
Come visit the heart of Massachusetts, in beautiful Worcester! (No really, don't bother)
by bridget April 05, 2004

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question one usually asks hookers who "turn tricks." It means how are things? Or how is business? Usually this is said to loose women but the derogatory connotation is usually missed by most.
While approaching a hooker on the corner..

"How's tricks?"

"none of your damn business, get lots i'm working here"
by bridget February 13, 2005

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