Is Kevin A SIMP?!

Nah man, relax. She's alright. He's A GIPP
by TheCumZone October 30, 2020
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A man weighing 580lbs and 5 foot 2, he lives in the bayou and is married to a cow named bessy. He drives a power chair with a 500 hemi attached to it. The next Messiah and hates all illegal immigrants (wetties in particular). Loves to eat at a shack called Roscotts. Skeet can block bullets and tear people apart in seconds.
Skeet Gipp, Ya hes the next Messiah,
by Skeet-Gipp October 5, 2010
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A guy who is a douchebag and overall looks like a douche, but managed to pass as “a cool guy” simply by painting his nails (even though he thinks it looks ugly, he just wants to be accepted by gen z)
Girl 1: God, that dude really looks like a douche, look at him.

Girl 2: Sure, but he does have nail polish, he must be kinda woke, which is cool.

Girl 1: Yeah, or he’s just another fucking gipp.
by Girlwhohatesgipps December 10, 2020
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