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slang for crack cocaine
Got hard? (as asked to dealers on the street)
by Bridget January 28, 2004

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born and raised in New Jersey, specifically the shore. beautiful in a unique way, has the ability to impress with salty hair and sand under her fingernails, makeup and shoes are optional, tanlines are embraced, has a strong attitude and a tough mouth, encompases the phenomena of waking up more stunning than the night before
"Nothing matters in this whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl." -The Boss
by Bridget March 16, 2005

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This is an extention of Colorguard. Members wear massive amount of Makeup and Interesting Costumes to portray emotion and perform prerecorded music. This is one of the hardest things you can do.
We Dance better than the Dance Team (DUH) and Spin gracefully or Fastley a Flag, Rifle, Sabre.
by Bridget October 04, 2004

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When they are smiling from top and bottom!!
Camel Toes can even talk your way out of a ticket!!
by Bridget September 18, 2003

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the sexiest man to walk the earth. his voice is so extremely orgasmic. lead singer of the strokes(the best band ever) who is engaged(why not to me, i dont know)and is loved by many people(especially me)
Jules can easily make someone cream their pants. he waved and smiled at me at a concert and i almost fell into the water. I wish he was mine. he is perfect in every way. God, i love this man.
by bridget July 15, 2004

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He is the lead singer/guitar in Green Day, the best band in the whole universe!!! And he is so damn hot!!! I want you Billie!!! Yeah and whoever says he is not gorgeous is a serious ass hole who needs mental help.
He is MINE I tell you! Billie Joe is all mine!!
by Bridget January 28, 2005

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a hair style that females wear. Its how they wear weave nowadays. its like, tiny braids at the topby the roots and long straight weave at the ends.
yo, put sum micro's up in my hair.
by Bridget September 16, 2003

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