When one's scrotum sticks to the inner thighs due to sweating in the groin area. This situation can be nicknamed 'Batwings' because the image created by this scenario can resemble a bat and its wings. The shaft of the penis can be see as the body and the stretched scrotum to either side can be seen as the wings. Many males (and hermaphrodites) find this common occasion displeasing.
Batman: It sure is hot in this cave.
Robin: Yeah I know, I'm beginning to have batwings.
Batman: That was very unnecessary.
by How are you today? October 6, 2009
When the mans scrotum is hot and sweaty and stuck together to the his ass or thigh.
After running a race. "I have major batwings"
by Brian October 9, 2008
when your sack sticks to both legs
"damn i have major batwings right now"
"batwings release!"
by anonymous February 13, 2004
When you stretch the extra skin betwen your balls out far and flat, like a sheet of paper. So you can see the veins and everything, like a batwing.

So i asked him if this was the can of pant he wanted, and when he looked over i was givin' him the batwing.
by sLuGo January 14, 2006
when you stretch out your ballsack like paper, then get another man to inadvertently look at it. This is followed by the ballsack exposer calling the looker gay and kicking him in the ass twice.
Guy1: Dammit! my ass hurts like shit now!

Guy2: Well then you shouldn't have look at my batwing, Fag!
by george133 August 1, 2010
when you get real sweaty and your ball sack sticks to your legs and you spread them.
yo i just got done bangin' moniqua and i got so sweaty i had a batwing.
by Brett September 6, 2004
The excess skin of your ballbag when it sticks to your inner leg on a hot day. When spreading your legs the skin streches and looks like a Batwing! All veiny and stuff!
Fucking hell mate I've got proper batwing.

Shit it's hot out! Ive got batwing and everything!

Cross your legs mate, looks like you've got some batwing there!

You know its hot when you've got batwing.
by Mankie June 29, 2006