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When having sex in the anal or doggy style position, a man pulls out his penis and spits a little saliva on the girl's back, thinking he has ejaculated she will look back to see it at which point he ejaculates all over her face.
I used fake rain on Scott's mother last night before she pulled a gun on me.
by Brandon March 13, 2004
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When a guy wraps his package up in saran wrap, cums in it and slaps it onto someone's face.
You keep talkin' shit and I'm gonna give you a misty flower!
by Brandon February 04, 2004
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Northern pronunciation of "ass" see also Bam Margera
God! What an ayass!
by Brandon December 05, 2003
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One half of the famous rap duo G-Note and Wooded Z.
Their album "Blinguistics" has been rapidly thriving in circulation around the internet and the buzz around the album hasn't been seen since Kanye West's "College Dropout".
Lyric Quotation from G-Note & Wooded Z's "Nasty Hoes" -

Wooded Z:
I'm sick of these booty calls, if duty calls, then why do i gotta put my dick in your mouth to be truly yours? it's bullshit!
Why can't a nigger just wanna talk with these women, without
the bitch assumin' that she'll soon be drinkin' my semen?
by brandon February 26, 2005
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A person who has a negative view on everything and/or just wants to get people in trouble.
That security guard was a raw dildo-whapping negator.
by Brandon February 18, 2005
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A pimptard, at least when I was in highschool, (which now seems very progressive in a 1990's ghetto kind-of-way), meant a retarded male or female student that was also a pimp.
Let use a male as an exmaple.

To qualify, he has to pimp at least 2 girls at once. It didnt matter if the girls in fact where retarded, however, most times the pimptard has two retarded bitches on his arm, primarilly because they didnt know any better because they were of course, retarded.
by Brandon December 09, 2004
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A man who eats his womans pussy, and usually enjoys doing so, provided that her stuff doesnt smell.
Damn, my girl was just begging for a box lunch....i didnt mind giving her one
by Brandon October 21, 2004
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