199 definitions by Brandon

So bad it's good. Example: movies that are of such low quality that they're worth watching for the sake of making fun of them.
The movie "Glitter" was craptastic.
by Brandon September 07, 2004
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something that gets in my damn way!
Goddamn it girl, your belt's always in the way, I may have to teach you a lesson
by Brandon August 30, 2004
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A person with at least three generations of Floridian ancestry from one or both sides of the family. It originated from the few groups of people that lived in Florida before proper settlements began, when men would herd cows through the miles and miles of palmetto bushes, cracking their whips to keep the herd moving in the right direction.
"Those crackers are crazy; heardin' cows through miles of palmettos?"
by Brandon December 10, 2004
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It's when someone is wreaking of homosexuality, physically and socially, to the point where he hits on straight men with the excuse that he had nice shoes/pants/shirt/etc.
"Man, that Jim is such a gayorator." Said Shelly to her mother. "He hit on my boyfriend and wanted his shoes."
by Brandon January 10, 2004
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A type of fruit.
I like to put bananas in my mouth.
by Brandon December 14, 2003
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Being paranoid when your all messed up.
Just chill man, don't be thwangin.
by Brandon September 16, 2003
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A word usually used when high on crack or acting like high on crack.
PLAHOO!!!!! *passes out*
by Brandon December 06, 2004
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