1. What kids with physical, mental, and sometimes emotional disabilities that are severe enough to interfere with their abilities to preform in the mainstream curriculum are put in.

2. Where they stick you if you don't "learn" the way your supposed to. Students who don't learn by sitting in a desk and copying notes and mindlessly memorizing words are often put in special ed so that the teachers of the class the student is struggling in don't have to put up with the student. In these cases students are often put in a resource class of some sort were they are apparently taught how to learn properly. Some kids in these cases do have actually ADD or something like that. Kids in these kinds of special ed classes can actually be very intelligent.

There are different levels of special ed that range from courses for kids with severe mental retardation to courses with the regular curriculum at a slower or modified pace. A student can be in all special ed classes or just in a few and do fine in his/her other mainstream classes. Special ed shouldn't be in insult.
1. My younger brother is severely autistic so they put him in special ed. He's actually doing quite well now.

2. Teacher: Because you can't sit still for 45 minutes and mindlessly take notes on and memorize useless words every day on a subject you have no interest in without interacting with anyone or doing anything else you need to take a resource period now. You will learn how to be organized, complete homework on time, study, manage time, and write essays. You will also set goals for yourself, we have already set some for you. You will have a 45% more positive attitude and you will write down all your assignments 95% of the time.

Student: I actually dont need this, i know how to do that stuff. Its just that i learn a bit differently and you can't really change the way my mind works.

Teacher: Thats the negative attitude that you need to stop!

Student: *facepalm*
by Polexia December 14, 2009
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What certain kids are put in if they possess some sort of learning disability or disorder like ADHD. Oftentimes other students will think you are a dumbfuck or treat you like subhuman filth if they find out your in one or two of these classes.
Contrary to popular belief special ed classes are taught with the normal curriculum but are instead presented in a way that makes those in it learn better and easier. For the severely autistic or retarded kids, they are pretty much fucked.
by Ramsy Norris October 20, 2020
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Something that is offered in schools for kids who are mentally or physically challenged. Most notable special ed program is ASD, for kids with Autism. Special Ed classes are designed for people to be more self-sufficient and possibly lead an independent life later on. The classes are generally easier and are structured in a way so that people with special needs can understand the material needed to move forward in their education. They also offer Speech and OT services for people who struggle with social skills. Kids in Special Ed are often looked down upon, but in reality, they just want to be like any other kid. We should all learn to accept people for who they are as a person and include them into society.
Truth be told, I have been in Special Ed since I was in kindergarten. I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 2 years old. People said that I would never become independent and I would have to be looked after my entire life. My parents were also hopeless that I may never lead an independent life later on. It has been a long journey from when I was just a child, but it all paid off. Throughout my life, I was always seen as the "special kid" and I was sick and tired of it. I knew that I had great potential, but my parents, teachers, and case carriers didn't believe me, so I decided to prove them wrong. I kept pushing and pushing until I finally got what I wanted. Freedom. Back then, I could barely make sentences without other people telling me what to say. Now, I'm in high school taking 3 honors classes and 2 CP classes. It was a long and hard journey. I should definitely write this in my college application.
by TROLLKING9001 November 16, 2020
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by Mr. A Bobo May 14, 2005
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Literal hell its a class for people with disabilities where some teachers sit there and abuse them and show favoritism and act nice To u and ur parents I dealt with it for 5 years then I got out of it thank god and teachers never teach u anything that u need in life
Karen:what was your experience in special ed

Keira: teachers only taught me 2+2 and I got abused there for no reason and got called worthless now because of special ed I have to work in a minimum wage job and I never went to college or have my dream job because of it

Karen:aww thats sad

Keira:Ik tell me about it now they also never called for my graduation now that teacher is the head of special ed
by Alastorismine June 16, 2020
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A class occupied by exiled students that have no inclination to take part in schooling. A large number of them are unmotivated and don't care, as a result they're usually misdiagnosed with a learning disability..
In middle school i was placed in special ed because i smoked mary jane, my science teacher thought i couldn't read..
by friendlyscholar September 25, 2009
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It's a class for kids with learning "disabilities" and mental disorders. Where you get separated and the teachers actually let the classmates know that you go there like a problem. And it's a ton of BS since you have the easiest of exercises there! They literally took my w/o my permission just because my papers say my diagnosis Lemme give you my POV:
POV: Being an Autistic
y/n: *Talks to classmates* OMFG I'm so tired of special ed! I want to be with ya'll...
*Special Ed Teacher arrives*
SET: Come on y/n to our class
*Goes to class*
SET: And 2+2 is 4
y/n: *in mind* ugh I just want to be independent with my classmates, I want to have freedom, why take me without my parent's permission just because I'm diagnosed with autism? I'm ok with my classes. WHY DO I HAVE TO GO I FEEL DIFFERENT WHY WAS I BORN? WHY DO I HAVE TO BE THE ONE HERE? WHAT WAS THE REASON TO BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW?

*thinks of those lucky kids that actually don't get separated by these evil teachers*
~Do mi ti Why not me? Why not me? Do mi ti Why not me? Why not me? Do mi ti Why not me? Why not me?~ -Mitski
by Creeper9223 November 19, 2021
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