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A thing or a place is so over the top fabulous that it is very cool.
Your new hair do is totaly Fabu.
You must have gone to Fabu to get that do?
by Bradley January 30, 2005

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a word that doesn't exist, but should
"Yo Mollie, that sniglet you mentioned last night should exist, but doesn't"
by Bradley December 07, 2004

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The name that vatos/cholos/chewys/wetters/brown folk use for the town Gilroy, CA. It is about 20 minutes drive South of San Jose. Hot chicks live here, too. Check it out sometime...Miss California came from this place.
Hey mi homi lives in gilas, eh. Ju want to go cruz da super mercado?
by Bradley September 28, 2004

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anything positive that happens to anyone cool
The following are highlight:

giving facials

lots of hot chicks at a party


finding a check for 750 bucks in your sock drawer
by bradley December 03, 2003

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an negro rapper whose from the streets of new orleans....his diet consists of waffles, gatorade, taco meat, raisins, and yogurt
ex. 1. kuuuuuuuaaammm
ex 2. dam kuam why you all up in my taco meat
ex 3. kuam im gonna bomb you with yogurt and los angeles
by bradley January 31, 2005

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Bradleys stupid word. Invented March 25, 2005.
Tiffany is a loser, lolziez.
by Bradley March 24, 2005

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my republican dominican ese who only eats tacos and burritos and watches a night at the roxbury and office space- you know how we do
ex 1 damm buyay is that your 313th taco?
ex 2 shit michelle you gott tittie residue all over my quarter
by bradley February 01, 2005

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