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What a member of a group would say to suggest that some behavior is the group style, or that it's the way they usually do things. Usually said with anything from excitement to modesty, it is the response for anything from a compliment to disgust to total disbelief.
Was that you guys last night, outside the police station?

You know it.

Dude that's AWESOME/messed up/brutal/so fucking sweet.

Hey man; you know how we do.
by Lenny Briscoe January 24, 2007
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1. To go all-out: Usually involves heavy drinking, some dancing, often some embarassing (though amusing) petty crimes against municipal property, and the occasional blackout. Getting busy is optional; mysterious bruises are not.
I can't believe you guys were at O'Mally's until 5:30 last night! That's insane!
Yeah, well, you know how we do.
by johnny montana September 16, 2006
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