A thing or a place is so over the top fabulous that it is very cool.
Your new hair do is totaly Fabu.
You must have gone to Fabu to get that do?
by Bradley January 30, 2005
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Shortened version of fabulous for those that are snooty and think their sh*t don't stink. It describes something that is really great, and well...fabulous!
(1) Did you see that new Armani sports coat. The design is fabu! (2) Your girlfriend is cool with you straying a bit? She is so fabu!
by AndyZ January 13, 2007
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to lead someone on in a sexual manner, when really you just want to be friends
I thought she was into me, but really she was fabussing me

I was fabussed so bad by this one girl I was really in to
by Melman2303 January 23, 2021
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A person of sheer perfection and fabulousness. Usually named Ryan, these "fabu" people are just so amazingly awesome that no other words can describe them. In rare occasions, some fabu people are named Lee-Anne...very rare occasions...
Wow! Ryan is soooo fabu.
by daFT Gorman November 05, 2004
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A word meaning "face".
Originally used in a Bill Crosby stand-up segment about a trip to the dentist, where the suction tube affects your ability to speak properly, resulting in the word "face" becoming "fabus."

It has also been used in online gaming communities when talking about getting "headshots." e.g. I shot you in the fabus!
I shot you in the fabus.
There's something wrong with my fabus, it's slipping off my skull.
by =-[kI]-= GeNe November 27, 2007
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