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A group of hillbilly redneck cousin fukkkers
The MAGA is protesting the quarantine again

I wish the MAGA would just go back to cousin fukkkin’ and stop annoying the rest of the country
by BoyBloo May 01, 2020

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When a man has a small orgasm inside the women's vagina in order to make it more wet during sex.
I noticed her pussy was a bit dry so I added some lubricum to make it wetter
by BoyBloo September 16, 2014

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The sexual act of inserting ones open hand into the anus and rotating left to right to create a coat of fecal matter. After removal from the anus the hand will be entirely covered in feces resembling a painted glove
While making love from behind I asked the woman if I may have a painted glove. With her answer being "yes" I proceeded to thrust my entire hand deep into her anus. After a few twists I removed my hand to reveal my new painted glove.
by BoyBloo June 23, 2014

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To use an emoticon to end an online conversation
"I have no more to add to this conversation so I will emotiend it with a smiley face" :)

Ana - "Wanna go out tonight?"
Eric - "Sure, where would you like to go?"
Ana - "Let's go see a movie"
Eric - "7:00 pm?"
Ana - "Perfect! I'll see you then"
Eric - ":-)"
by BoyBloo February 22, 2014

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The act of shoving ones fingers up another's anus on their birthday. Normally done by teammates or a group of close friends.
Billy's anus was sore after his teammates gave him a birthday juicing.
by BoyBloo March 22, 2017

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