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"Uh oh" in scooby doo language.
Tom: Hey Bob, isn't that your boss over there? You know, the one who you told you're sick and can't come to work?
Bob: "Rut ro."
by boss June 09, 2005

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word meaning "hey!" or "you there!" To get someone's attention, often in anger or when one is on crack.
Say playa! why do yo lie to me man! I ain't seen no money! I'm gonna take all your bitches and drop'em off in you driveway! how you like that shit nigga!?!
by Boss February 26, 2004

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an employee of the state or county entrusted to guard prisoners; the prison guard, the jailer, the warden, the bailiff. The Man.
An off duty white Dallas County Sherrif Dept. jailer is walking along at the State Fair of Texas with his family, a brotha' yells at him "hey Boss!"
by Boss February 26, 2004

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Military term refers to a ruck sack which is another name for a back pack. May also refer to all of ones personal web gear. To "ruck up" is grab your gear and go!
Ruck up soldiers were movin' out in five minutes!
by boss June 09, 2005

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One of my personal favorites! When we the guards decide we've had enough of one "homeboy's" shit and bust into his cell looking for contraband that may or may not be there. Somehow it always turns up!
they havin' a shake down in Big Daddy's cell. Boss Cain gonna be givin' it to em now!! He don't fool around!
by Boss February 29, 2004

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to be shit outa' luck...cant win for losin'
I didn't make parole again I guess i'm just stuck like chuck
by boss March 26, 2005

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Construction site bathroom, also known as a "blue house" or port-a-john.
The laborer had too many tacos the nite before so he relieved himself in the Mexican Spaceship.
by Boss June 18, 2006

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