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a giggling idiot; one who cannot stop laughing
Shh! Stop being a Lindley or we'll get points at this Quaker meeting!
by boo May 19, 2003

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Action or behavior similar to that of a knob, thought not necessarily implying that one is a knob.
Tom thinks his idea of good music rocks, and he thinks everything else sucks. That's really knobbish.
by boo January 05, 2005

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big penis ........................
Wow you have a petay!
by boo March 16, 2005

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the black version of the white boy name "Devon"
Girl I just fucked Da'Vaun and it was the worst sex I ever had... shoulda stuck with that Devon white boy foo'
by boo March 02, 2005

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An act of prostitiution, or a prostitute.
She turns tricks to earn some extra money
by boo January 19, 2005

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a hupsi und kutsoy word for fat or could mean mun
you're so fut und mun. i hates yer! i huvs yer really. buuuuueeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa
by boo December 22, 2004

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To drive at an exhiliarating pace. Used as a noun or verb by Brits.
"I went for a blat around the countryside today"

"James blatted down the street in search of his drunk sister."
by Boo March 08, 2005

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