41 definition by Bob The Builder

1. A pass used for students to ride the bus for a reduced price.

2. To flash your boobs at someone while driving by.

3. Used by women to get passed security guards.
Ex. 1
Girl: I'm bored.... let's flash pass!

Ex. 2

Guard: I was going to let that bitch through, but then she gave me a flah pass and i couldn't help but to let that little slut through.
by Bob the builder December 10, 2004

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Please see the word "Negra".
Look at the SonicXtreme, staring as nudes of Samus.
by Bob the Builder February 22, 2005

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A booger, a snot ball. Very yummy looking. Fun to say people have them and they dont know what it means
Look at the duter on his face, its pretty nasty looking
by Bob The Builder July 04, 2004

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A place where you come when you lose your mind and want to waste some time
Dr. Lego made Warbucket
by Bob The Builder November 25, 2003

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A movie trilogy in which the quality progressively sucks.
Dude...the first one rocked...but the other two, like, sucked.
by Bob the Builder November 15, 2003

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a car that cst $5000 to by brand nw but cost almost $100,000 to make it even close to running 10 seconds
hey look that ricer got fucked p oh at least mine wont cost as much to fix
by bob the builder May 12, 2003

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Thanks think i needed to get that off my chest vesola
Twisted, Cold hearted,Self centred, Ugly, Egotistical, Dirty,Smelly,Cheating,Lying,Scummy, FUCKED UP, Cunting 'vesola, Bastarding TWAT. thank you,
by bob the builder March 02, 2004

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