OvalvaSix has come to capture all the girls and bo.. Little girls....
by OvalvaSix January 04, 2005
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In 2032 war was raged between the zombies and the zombie hunters. The zombies easily over-powered the pitiful resistance of humans, all the humans could do were defend their once fruitful world. plans were made to evacuate the Earth and move to mars, and by 2040, Earth was a vast wasteland. But one kid by the name of evolve decided enough was enough. He commisioned his good friend redbull to build him a fighter jet back to earth, This jet was so technologically advanced that it could wipe out a pack of zombies with a scream of its engines, but because of the GREAT craftsmanship, the ship crashed on Earth, and young evolve was alone with no weapons, and a buttload of evil zombies. But, with his knowledge of kung-fu, and the the expert training of the kung-fu master BrahmaBull (back on mars), evolve was able to kick some zombie ass, he killed zombie after zombie, oblivious to the thought of death. Using the scattered bones of the zombies and the radioactive waste left over from the human civiliztion, he was able to create mass armies known as the FEARLESS_HYENA and under evolves expert training, they easily obliterated the zombie force, and all was at peace. One day in a freak accident, evolve happened to fall, ironically, into the radioactive waste that he had used to save civiliztion, and a mutation occured, and he became mutated into a higher being known as OvalvaSix, and under his rule, peace was restored to the land. But in a secret labrotory far far away, legions of zombies were being recreated, and prepped for massacre.
All hail the OvalvaSix!
by Billabong the Great February 27, 2005
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