Someone who strongly dislikes sand.
Anakin doesn't like sand, because it's coarse, and rough, 'n' irritating, and it gets everywhere!
by The real Arthur Morgan August 4, 2019
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A really fucking lit person who always has your back. He can seem a little cocky at times but usually he is really caring and generous. He has heard all of the Star Wars jokes in existence so don’t even bother cracking one when u meet him. Anakin has a huge dick even though it may not seem like it. But most of all, Anakin will look out for all of his friends and will do his best to please them.
John: Bro I’m so lucky to have a friend like Anakin
Brad: Ya Anakin is the best.
by AniboioK November 15, 2018
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He has a huge dick very very handsome and sexy gets all the girls. He is also loves sport he always has a 6 pack

And is a alpha male. The laddies wish they had a guy like him.
“Wow that guy named Anakin is so hot!”
by Bob o September 24, 2018
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The Romeo in Lucas' Starwars. Drawn to save his incredible love, Padame, Anakin went to any and all lengths to save her. Doomed by fate, Anakin Skywalker symbolically died (like Romeo) and emerges as the resurrected Darth Vader. Padme, his Juliet, dies from a broken heart.
by millarpillar June 18, 2005
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v. To retroactively ruin someone's entire childhood.
Man, Lucas totally Anakined me with all that midichlorian nonsense.
by SBB! November 9, 2004
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The young boy who is twisted by the dark side in Star Wars Episode III.
Also a 'villian' who actually ends up being the victim, when we learn the truth.
Star Wars Fan 1: It's so sad he's such an Anakin!
Star Wars Fan 2: Yeah I always thought he was a baddie but he's actually a goodie!
by Jedi Master Luna January 31, 2006
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