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The act of exploring abandoned buildings, storm drains, machine rooms, and other places in cities where people do not normally go. Usually illegal, always fun. Possibly considered a terrorist act by post-democracy unelected governmental goons.
Where were you?
"I was doing some urban exploration down at the abandoned steel mill."
by Bob McFillius April 08, 2003

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1) The act of itching one's self in a feminine manner.

2) An itchy vulva, often talked about in the most blatant possible manner on network TV commercials while I'm eating.
1) Look at him giggling like a school girl and going all limp wristed on that itch. That nizzle gots tha feminine itch for shizzle my dizzle.

2) "There are some subjects that are important to talk about with good friends... like painful, burning, feminine itch" - Actual Quote from Monistat commercial.
by Bob McFillius June 20, 2003

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A clit that is large enough to be mistaken for a penis, although is not.
That bitch had a 2" dickclit!
by Bob McFillius April 08, 2003

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Since many of the traditional frat boy style cockwaving activities (date raping as many girls as possible, eating semen off of cookies) are available on the world wide web, a different indicator of penis length has cropped up among the dorks and failures of the messageboards. Usual indicators used are postcount, uptime, computer specifications, amount of RAM, hard drive size, "first post" in a thread, and various other completely non-vital statistics about one's computer. These "netcock waving" threads tend to start at least once a month on messageboards. A lucky person may find a thread full of pictures of the board's posters, so that their complete failure/dork status can be properly judged.
"Wow, he's got 20,000 posts, 4GB of RAM, and his computer has been up for 3 years. He must have a massive netcock."
by Bob McFillius July 08, 2003

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Social status measurement used by hopeless geeks as an alternate indicator of penile length. Completely non-representative of actual work being accomplished by said computer. Most accurate indicator known of time between power outages.
by Bob McFillius April 08, 2003

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Another gauge used by forum failures of a person's netcock. Doesn't necessarily prove contribution to said forum, but does prove how little of a life the poster has. Can reach the tens of thousands for the true fuckups.
Wow, a 10,000 postcount! He must be a well respected member of this forum...


Wow, 9,000 posts that say "FAP FAP HA HA". What a fucking real American hero.
by Bob McFillius July 08, 2003

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Where all American propaganda regarding politics and war is broadcast. Watch the most recent war broadcast in the format of a bad videogame 24/7.
"Americans encountered no resistance and suffered no casualties during WW I, WW II, Vietnam, and the Korean war. All hail Bush" - CNN
by Bob McFillius May 29, 2003

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