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Since many of the traditional frat boy style cockwaving activities (date raping as many girls as possible, eating semen off of cookies) are available on the world wide web, a different indicator of penis length has cropped up among the dorks and failures of the messageboards. Usual indicators used are postcount, uptime, computer specifications, amount of RAM, hard drive size, "first post" in a thread, and various other completely non-vital statistics about one's computer. These "netcock waving" threads tend to start at least once a month on messageboards. A lucky person may find a thread full of pictures of the board's posters, so that their complete failure/dork status can be properly judged.
"Wow, he's got 20,000 posts, 4GB of RAM, and his computer has been up for 3 years. He must have a massive netcock."
by Bob McFillius July 08, 2003
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A netcock is word derived from "internet" and "cock". "Cock" is the slang term used to describe a penis.

A netcock is a picture of a random cock on the internet taken with a low resolution camera. The owners of these netcocks are usually anonymous, but may have a strong relation with overweight, red headed sexual predators.

A netcock should not be taken lightly, as for some netcocks, the image itself can cause nausea, eye strain, loss of faith in people, and severe depression. Diarrhea and vomiting have been also known to occur.
I was looking for pictures of Disney characters when I was shocked to see that the results displayed hundreds and hundreds of netcocks.
by hellyayo July 27, 2010
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