Landis is a badass motherfucker who kicks ass and gets laid wherever he goes. People always think Landis is so hot
by Da real beotch October 4, 2017
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Sexy asf, smart asf, and cool to chill with
by Lt0418 March 15, 2017
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A name having American origin meaning "rough land" or "land ruler."

It is rare enough as a last name but considered unique as a first.
by Quiksilver15 August 6, 2007
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The smartest guy around,he is strong and sporty has good looks and you want to hang out with him.
Person 1: Hey Landis your so awesome.
Landis: I know.
by LandisP November 15, 2019
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To take drugs in order to win an athletic competition, such as the 2006 Tour de France.
I had to Landis in order to win that big race!
by Dentar August 6, 2006
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When a guy rubs off a girl without getting anything in return
"We were getting down and I rubbed her off and didn't even get a lousy hand job back (Landau)"
"Dude, you gave a Landis!"
by Kilomack November 29, 2008
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A very unattractive person who is a bender and a duster and is considered team water boy
Landis is shit
by sa1617 February 28, 2017
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