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To act in a manner showing that you are frustrated, annoyed, or just angry.


To be in a state of acting "grothy".
"I am feeling very full of groth today, please leave me alone."
by Blinky February 14, 2005

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n.a semi hard erection. v. in the act of getting an erection.
origins - from liz r. and her horny creativity
Liz bent over and i had a bonerish, but when she came over and poked me in the right spot, i got a boner.
by Blinky June 12, 2004

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Breaking down the door with a battering ram. Usually done by law enforcement.
The FBI came to my door hard knocking looking for drugs.
by Blinky July 06, 2004

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1. The characteristic features of a bird, animal or plant which distinguish it from other species that resemble it.
that bird has many jizzes
by blinky January 11, 2004

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