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A word that I came up with quite a while ago. Turns out, there's a place in Denmark called Skibby!
"I'm goin' fishin, Earl"
"Well Skibby that!"
"I said, Skibby that."
"Skibby is a place in Denmark!"
"Well... I, um... Shut up! Just shut up!"
by Blackwood April 30, 2005
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An all-purpose word for all purposes. Can also be a single phrase at any given time.
Ayuhh can be slurred into other words as well.

Only two people in the world can pronounce ayuhh correctly.
"Hey there, Chippy!"
"What did you just say?"
"Are you CRAZY, fool?"
by Blackwood April 30, 2005
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An awesome movie. Just completely awesome. Everything about it: the action, the humor, and best of all, the Axe Gang.
Roth: "Hey, did you know the Lion's Roar can be done with a speaker?"

Alistair: "No kidding!"
by Blackwood June 24, 2005
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Some stupid internet phenomenon that has geeks across the country drooling with amazement at some bad grammar. The common geek inserts the phrase "all your base" into any random posting on a website, and therefore thinks he is cool. It originated from some bad Japanese translation in a Videogame called "Zero Wing". People thought this was amazing, and started saying all your base all the time. See pwned and numa numa.
Geek: 0|\/|G 411 70u|2 b453 #4#4#4#4.

by Blackwood November 2, 2005
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One of the most brilliant TV shows in world history, a show that only a true hipster can appreciate. It is about a world where puppets and humans coexist on the set of "Sweetknuckle Junction", a failing children's educational show. Some of the best characters are Count Blah, the vampire with the hilarious verbal tic, and Warren Demontague, the dramatic monkey with a football helmet and a ripe additude. On a sad note, this show was canceled because FOX couldn't stand how witty it was, but the 2-disc set (which came out on my birthday) is phenomenal, yet short.
Bring back Greg!!!!!!!
by Blackwood June 24, 2005
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A condition often displayed on forums and guestbooks internet-wide. Nerd's Rant is a truly devastating phenomenon, made even more so by translation into GeekSpeak, aka "Leet".
Nerd's Rant usally comes up in protest to an unsatisfactory post, or incorrect reference to All Your Base or Numa Numa, thus angering the Nerd, causing an explosive showering of acronyms and stupid insults.
An example of Nerd's Rant:

"OMG u n00b STFU u d1dn7 qu0t3 |\|um4 |\|um4 |21t3 OMG FU!!1"
by Blackwood November 6, 2005
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A rubber copy of an asian fruit that this one funny monkey eats peanutbutter out of!
"What's that monkey doin', Amos?"

"He's messin' with one gnarly rubber durian."

by Blackwood April 30, 2005
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