35 definitions by Blackstump

1. An aggressive insult, where the insulter makes regurgitating motions, as a woman would after guzzling too much horse cum
2. see bleugh
*Breeze misses a shot at Putt-Putt*
Group: Neeeigh blurgh!
by Blackstump November 13, 2003
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1. A bath fairy, a harpy like creature.
2. An overweight, middle-aged mother, antithesis of a M.I.L.F; a jabba
3. A female incubus; the bane of all bengali children.
4. Sag's mum
Sags: Damn, she was so good last night.
Me: What was her name?
Sags: I didn't catch it, Meetha? Man i was gone...
Me: Dude...you know thats your mum???!
Sags: *Sobbing* Don't lookatmeh, I'm sooo disggruuuceful.
by Blackstump November 10, 2003
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1. An expression used to explain why most Asian males are so aggressive and tempremental; this is usually because they have huge issues about a very small penis; see scho small
2. To say someone has a small penis; usually said under the breath
Definition 1:
Daniel Ng was a very angry kid because he has a small penis.
Definition 2:
David Chen had a small penis. It was no wonder (why) he (was) mad.
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
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1. To make a sexual advance on a girl; the universal justification for getting some; to ask a girl to go down on you
2. To incite or encourage one to do something, usually something stupid or embarresing
3. To persuade someone to agree with you
4. Bastardisation of 'come on'.
Scenario 1:
*Whips out cock in Cinema*
Dude: Ceem en! Wax it!
Scenario 2:
Dude: I really don't think I should jump off that cliff man...
Man: Ceem een Timme! It'll be funny! Doo itt
Scenario 3:
Dude: Ah, I dunno...
Guy: Ceem een.
by Blackstump November 16, 2003
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1. an insult; to make a complete and utter sad call; a reaction to this
2. an awkard silence; what one says to laugh off an awkward silence
3. To have absolutetly nothing to talk to someone about. See so, the gst?
4. To be failing to entertain a female with the art of conversation, often resorting to more desperate interjections; see dig tunnels?
5. The sound a cricket makes
Scenario 1:
Dude: <-insert sad joke->
Group: Brr Brr...
Scenario 2:
Dude: So, what uni do you go to?
Chick: Lidcome
Dude: O.k.
*Brr brr*
Scenario 3:
(See Scenario 2)
Scenario 4:
Dude: Hey baby! Whats up?
Chick: I like rice.
*Brr brr*
by Blackstump November 13, 2003
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An expression of disgust; when someone does something particularly backward or savage, you exclaim 'buddi buddi!'
Dude: You gonna eat dat cooornbreaaad?
Guy: Buddi buddi!
by Blackstump November 10, 2003
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Colloquialism; an affectionate slang word from one Boong to another. Please look up definition of "Boong" for clarification.
Blackguy1: Buddi Buddi!
Blackguy2: Yimbuda Wulla Nurri! Budda, Igunna getta nudda shotta metha, Imma so happe!
by Blackstump November 10, 2003
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