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1. An expression of absolute frustration; to abandon a situation in anger; to retreat.
2. A response after a volley of insults; similar to the usage of naace guy; to shirk an insult.
3. An Overreaction; an exaggerated reply to the simplest of insults; characteristic of highly emotionally strung people

Origin: Breeze's Air Cadet phase in yr9. After coming down from the tuckshop, he made a sad joke which was quickly cut down; Then he just then flipped.
Definition 1:
B: <-Insert Sad Joke ->
B: Feeck ye, feeck all of ye!
Definition 2:
<-Insert Sad Joke->
Dude: Urh shit...
Guy: you Disgruce...
Man: yeah Fureak...
Bloke: eh, Feeck ye, feeck all of ye.
Defintion 3:
Breeze: Feeck ye, Feeck all of ye!
Andrew: *Pause* Yo Prav, what yo' say to him dawg?
Prav: I dunno bro, he mumbled something about 'virility' and then just flipped!
A: Bummer...pass us the gameboy.
by Blackstump November 17, 2003
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1. A more aggressive insult to a homosexual than faggot
2. What many people in our school became after leaving uni
3. A character on WCW wrestling
Definition 1:
Ho is a feighut, he just doesn't know it yet
Definition 2:
After school ended, all the feighuts came out the close in a mass exodus.
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
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1. To be considerably drunk; to have consumed at least 7 standard drinks
2. A state of excessive inebriation; to become disorientated
3. Greater than I'm very happy to be here and lesser than Who am I
*Drunken Contemplation*
Dude: Ok, I can feel grass underneath meh, and I've puked up once; but Where am I?
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
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1. To be unforgivably drunk; to have consumed 13 - 14 standard drinks
2. To make an absolute disgruce of oneself in public; to publically question one's sexuality. See aaahm gaaay
3. To loose spatial orientation, identity, and even humanity; to be a complete savage; see buddi buddi
Dude: You were so absolutely trashed last night! You were a fureak!
Guy: Who am I? No, no, WHAT am i?
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
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1. When you get bored of masturbating; to use a donut to get oneself off.
2. A sign often placed outside Farms to ward off those into bestiality.
3. A sexual position: while with a fat bitch, scrunch up her gut flab in both your hands so it looks like a donut, then start fucking it.
Definition 1:
All out of cookies, carrots, and cucumbers. Its time for a Donut Fuck
Definition 2:
'Prized Animal. Donut Fuck'.
Definition 3:
Goddam it woman! Roll over, I'll Donut Fuck you.
by Blackstump November 12, 2003
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1. An exclamation of astonishment; to be in a dodgy situation - Similar to oh-oh or oh-no
2. To make a mistake, to not make sense, to correct oneself.
3. A warning; when one enters an inappropriate situation
Definition 1:
Dude: ...so she rolls over, and right underneath her, was a pile of cat turd!
Guy: Udha! Thats bleugh!
Definition 2:
Dude: So i was smoking some cock last night...
Guy: Smoking what!?
Dude: Udha, I meant crack - crack, not cock.
Definition 3:
Guy: Hey man, Wheres the porn!
*Parents walk in*
Dude: Udha! What are you talking about?
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
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1. A warning sound you make if there is approaching traffic of some kind.
2. A sound you make to describe in an impact.
3. A word used in association with sneef when describing fast driving.
1. Zug! Watch out!
2. La la la, la Tesco, Zug!
3. Sneef slow down! What you trying to do!? Zug!
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
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