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1. To see somethign one shouldn't; to intrude upon something you shouldn't be seeing
2. Something grotesque or unappealing; an expression used in such a situation; similar to bleugh and seeda
3. An expression used to convey gross disapproval for another's sexual habits.
Definition 1:
*Sag's balancing himself on a carrot, Dude walks in*
Dude: Thas not right! What the hell are you doing!? Seeda!
Definition 2:
Dude: Hey, check out the corns on my foot
Guy: Thas not right! Get away from me!
Definition 3:
Dude: So I'm doing her ass right, and just when I'm about to blow, she shits on me
Guy: Thas not right.
by Blackstump November 12, 2003
1. Something grotesque or disgusting; an expression of disgust or abhorrence. Similar to seeda
2. The reaction to a joke often involving a combination of toilet humour and sex jokes; an excessively vulgar joke. Similar to thas not right
3. A incredibly ugly girl; A woman without any graceful features, most probably a jabba; similar to 10987654321-zero
4. The sound a woman makes when she has coughs up a gallon of horse cum. In full phrase "Neeeigghh, Bleugh!"
5. An insult, often involving displaying convulsions similar to Definition 4; primarily used when a joke is really really bad, but also in a failed attempt at somethign menial. Often made by a fureak or disgruce, and rarely used for a poor guy
Definition 1:
Dude: ...so thats when i found what the 'Dolmio Grin' was, first hand...
Guy: Bleugh! Dude, I'm eating!
Definition 2:
Dude: Hey, Ho's Asleep! Lets shit on him!
Guy: Bleugh! Thas not right!
Definition 3:
Elanor is bleugh
Definition 4:
*Watch the movie if you have the stomach*
Definition 5:
When Breeze missed that shot on the cue ball, we all went bleugh...
by Blackstump November 12, 2003
1. A bath fairy, a harpy like creature.
2. An overweight, middle-aged mother, antithesis of a M.I.L.F; a jabba
3. A female incubus; the bane of all bengali children.
4. Sag's mum
Sags: Damn, she was so good last night.
Me: What was her name?
Sags: I didn't catch it, Meetha? Man i was gone...
Me: Dude...you know thats your mum???!
Sags: *Sobbing* Don't lookatmeh, I'm sooo disggruuuceful.
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
1. Used in its extreme form, something grotesque or unsavoury; a reaction to something of this kind; synonymous with bleugh
2. What one would say when they experienced the taste, smelt, sight of something off, or putrid
Definition 1:
*Guys shoving Ho into Area 51*
Ho: Seeda! Leave me alone!
Definition 2:
*Someone Farts*
Dude: Seeda! Who was that? or
*Discovering a chick has a third nipple*
Dude (Aside): Seeda! What is that thing! Oh well, the more the merrier.
by Blackstump November 12, 2003
1. A more aggressive insult to a homosexual than faggot
2. What many people in our school became after leaving uni
3. A character on WCW wrestling
Definition 1:
Ho is a feighut, he just doesn't know it yet
Definition 2:
After school ended, all the feighuts came out the close in a mass exodus.
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
1. To be considerably drunk; to have consumed at least 7 standard drinks
2. A state of excessive inebriation; to become disorientated
3. Greater than I'm very happy to be here and lesser than Who am I
*Drunken Contemplation*
Dude: Ok, I can feel grass underneath meh, and I've puked up once; but Where am I?
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
1. An aggressive insult, where the insulter makes regurgitating motions, as a woman would after guzzling too much horse cum
2. see bleugh
*Breeze misses a shot at Putt-Putt*
Group: Neeeigh blurgh!
by Blackstump November 14, 2003