Any act consisting of physical contact of a sexual nature without consent. This can include touching, groping, licking, oral sex, or sexual intercourse. Also according to many state laws any of these acts committed while one or more parties is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or loss of consciousness can be classified as sexual assault, as these factors inhibit ones decision making ability, and therefore consent cannot be established. Sexual assault can be male on female, male on male, female on male, or female on female.
Me and Mandy were drinking at the party, we ended up having sex, and I even gave her a ride home in the morning, but now shes claiming sexual assault! The worst part is that we were drunk so it doesn't matter that she said yes! and now I'm Fucked!!!
by Moonshine1 July 20, 2010
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Congratulations!! You searched Sexual Assault on the Urban Dictionary! Who'd of guessed?
Sexual Assault is rape.
by Redditor1019 February 26, 2020
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Popular game where you have to have sexual actions with anyone you want (They dont have to accept it)
"Hey might you let me do Sexual Assault on you?"
*Rape starts*
by NovaComfort September 5, 2021
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When someone touches you in your no no square.
4 year old: Mom, I just got sexually assaulted by dad.

Mom: L sexual assault tbh ong.
by iloveunderagesex December 18, 2022
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a action that was thought of from a horny freaky fuck
omg gurl his man just got charged with sexual assault. gurl if that was me i would have the fuck out of old boi
by Malaysaih December 4, 2020
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I weapon who's sole purpose is to assault another in a sexual manner with various gadjets attached to it.It's origin is unknown, but Bill Clinton had something to do with it.
Don't piont that sexual assault rifle at me, i got it last time.
by Dan Z. May 14, 2005
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