9 definitions by Bixch

Ramen is the best food you will ever eat. The chicken ramen is the best. If you really want it to be good add some hot sauce. Its the food for gods.
by Bixch December 3, 2018
A laci is always strange. She always talks about ramen and cannolis. She does cheer. Her friends names always rhymes with hers. She is brown headed but acts like a blonde. She laughs at everything. Sometimes you can make fun of her without her getting mad. Then sometimes she gets mad and acts like a total bitch, so you never know when the time is right. She roles her eyes without even knowing. At first she gonna seem like a bitch but you gotta get to know her.
by Bixch December 3, 2018
Lil young, he got no plugs, he look like bug, he bought a rug, he ain't no thug, he can't chug, out my mug, he can't rap, he's total trash, he aint ever smashed, he can only wrap, all my gifts, he can't lift, he gotta small dick, that no body will lick, his name should be kick, ima go kick, his ugly ass face, what a disgrace
Randome dude: ya got bars kid
Me: Yeah bc I'm not lil young
by Bixch December 4, 2018
Hmm, I don't even know how to start off. Cheeze Bros, they are so amazing. Cheeze Bros are very Commited to their broship. It takes a certain person to be a Cheeze Bro. You have to worship Cheezus, he creates Cheeze Bois. If you have a fellow Cheeze boi who is your best bros, then you become Cheeze Bros. If you have a Cheeze Bro keep them. My Cheeze Bro, he is the best bro I have ever had. I am so grateful for my fellow yellow. He is a little higher in the Cheeze Boi system. He goes by the name PePe Cheeze, he has a Cheezy pp. It's very impressive. But anyways, Cheeze Bros arch enemy are Cheez dudes. If you be a very bad Cheeze Bro then you become a Cheez dude. They're fucking assholes. There isn't that many Cheeze Bois out there so if you find one stick with them. You may get lucky and they become your Cheeze Bro.
Rando: Hey you and your bro have a really good broship
Cheeze Bro: it's because we are cheeze bros
by Bixch February 20, 2019
Don't trust furries, they steal your cannolis.
A furry is here, you know what that means
by Bixch November 28, 2018
He is a real weird dude. He is short. Every night at this certain time he always gets in sad nigga hours. All the girls that he talks to say they remind them of their lil brother. He ruined the human race one time because he had a one night stand and created a demon child. He runs really fast though. I guess you could say he is a cool dude. No homo or hetero though.
His penis is short but he can go fast , its just like armando
by Bixch December 3, 2018
I hate it when ugly people think they're hot, like stevieahs
by Bixch December 5, 2018