Lil young, he got no plugs, he look like bug, he bought a rug, he ain't no thug, he can't chug, out my mug, he can't rap, he's total trash, he aint ever smashed, he can only wrap, all my gifts, he can't lift, he gotta small dick, that no body will lick, his name should be kick, ima go kick, his ugly ass face, what a disgrace
Randome dude: ya got bars kid
Me: Yeah bc I'm not lil young
by Bixch December 4, 2018
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a dope rapper that's on sound cloud, and that's grinding so he does not have to be a square wen he gets older
"yo i heard young lil icy grinding out here ya heard, i fuck wit his music"
by THE SWAG MAKER March 14, 2017
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