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The bisexual guy version of Aphrodite. He is full of many talents and special in so many ways. He expresses this creatively vibrantly hoisting himself to the whole world. He's the nicest person you could meet but will punch your jaw out of socket if your hurt him on a pressing matter such as loved ones or things. He is very jittery sometimes and doesn't always take compliments fully to heart but he is the most special person on earth. If you have a naffie don't ruin his trust. If you do this you'll have a diamond rather than some stupid piece of disposable glass.
Damn Naffie sure is working it on the dance floor.

I know I should have respected him more and maybe he'd be dancing in my pants instead.
by Billygoat February 15, 2012
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a word that describes any situation that is out of hand or abnormal that happens to you and your boys and/or girls.
"holy fuck i can't believe we jacked that dude at 7/11 with a water gun full of piss that was situationism for sure."
by billygoat March 31, 2006
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any beer of canadian or scandinavian origin that is over 8 perecent
black label supreme, maudite, faxe.
"fuck i drank so many diabetabeers last night i can't stop pissing."
by billygoat September 16, 2006
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1. Helps pick chicks up. Pussy Wagon.
2. Classic Ford car still in production.
We can take the mustang out this weekend and pickup some chicks.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
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1. A very hairy Vagina that needs shaving.
Man that chick has a nasty carpet. Someone send her a Mach 3 for Christmas.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
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