55 definition by Bigmeuprudeboy

a south-eastern english way of saying no
naaah mate
by bigmeuprudeboy October 27, 2003

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a member of a football hooligan gang that follows Luton Town FC

Stands for 'Men In Gear'
Migs kicked the fuck out of Watford
by bigmeuprudeboy September 11, 2003

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what Italians call football (or soccer if you are a yank)
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003

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'to be loyal to ones country'
In the USA and UK this seems to mean:
'totally agree with everything your supposed betters tell you and never question authority'
Im patriotic I am, stand up for the national anthem, suport the England team but I really dont like paying my taxes'
by bigmeuprudeboy September 18, 2003

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The music from the start of 'Raging Bull' and the end of 'Godfather part III'

probably the most beautiful piece of music ever written by human hands ever. full stop
by bigmeuprudeboy October 03, 2003

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a cluster fuck, a chinese fire drill
the last time the yanks let the british take charge of an allied operation
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003

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completely fucking shit directory enquiries service that seems to be staffed by Indian halfwits with a somewhat limited grasp of the English language. The company that owns them must make massive profits through the calls as on average you are stuck on the line for 20 odd minutes trying to spell out really complicated street names like 'bond street' or 'High Street' to someone who sounds like a character from goodness gracious me
118 118? naah mate use 118 500
by bigmeuprudeboy October 02, 2003

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