A badass English Gentleman with a tendency for larceny. He will steal your loot and look good doing it whilst reciting Christmas carols and dual-wielding 50.cal Deagle's. He will fuck up your day if you get in his way, so when you hear that its Payday, you get your ass out of the fray.
by capitelpurnishmant February 20, 2015
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a. A male associated with the new rave scene, most notably used in the Hadouken! song "That Boy That Girl"
b. An unreleased Girls Aloud song making fun of indie kids.
That boy is a Hoxton hero, skinny fit jeans and dressed in pink.
by BambooBanga November 24, 2007
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You know it's the mesh cap, the pink t-shirt and the skinny fit jeans.
That boys a hoxton hero, skinny fit jeans and dressed in pink. How he dresses I care zero, as long as he don't steal my drink.
by anindielimey March 24, 2007
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waxed/gelled hairstyle with point down middle of scalp employed in early 00s by trendy early 20s.
he thinks he's all that with his hoxton fin and pumas, but at 35 he ought to know better
by ricardo July 22, 2003
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Firmly styled longitudinal hair appendage favoured among the Shoreditch Set around 2000-2002. Now favoured by anyone with aspirations to be (i)in a boy band (ii) Hollyoaks.
He wore his trucker's cap, summer camp T-shirt and Hoxton fin like a badge of honour
by SFULG January 12, 2004
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The Hoxton Fin refers to a style of haircut popular with young men in the Hoxton and Shoreditch districts of London during the period 2000 - 2004. The style comprises two partings, one on either side, with the central portion of hair swept up in to a central kebab, or "meat stick"; the back and sides remained cut short.
I'm going to get an Hoxton Fin haircut down the high street.
by sktboardkd August 11, 2008
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Pulling a Hoxton is to leave when you don't get your way.
P1: Did Jeff really just leave?
P2: Yeah, Stacy wouldn't give him any tit so he left. Pulled a Hoxton. What a loser.
by FrostyBYT August 28, 2022
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