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A portmanteau word incorporating the words Slag and Agenda. A to do list or schedule of activities which a woman of loose virtue has to observe through the evening. A slut timetable or skanky shopping list
Bitch, I saw that fine young piece of ass walking my way and I put getting him to cornhole me straight to the top of my slagenda
by BigDaddyCash September 19, 2011

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Twestify: verb. To testify on Twitter. Offer respect and complete agreement with a statement made in 140 characters or fewer.
Bill: "That #Rebecca Black sure goin t b hot wen she grown up!"
Ted: 'Twestify dat!'
by BigDaddyCash July 22, 2011

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The gnarly, veiny, bony hands of a MILF which no amount of airbrushing, retouching or fillers can ever truly compensate for. Named after the famous singer and actress as hers are the most gratuitous example of the 'claw
Looking at Courney's face while she was whacking him off was OK, but when he saw her Madonna claws gripping the shaft and cupping the balls he got the douche chills like a mofo.
by BigDaddyCash August 09, 2011

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