inferior quality or cheap, especially of scrubberor cheap car lit. "infected with the pox"
Lee's gone an' nicked a poxy Fiests again
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
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stupid, pox-addled. Adjective from pox, syphillis. The tertiary stage of syphillis is characterised by insanity and dementia.
Tristram Shandy was a poxy excuse for a movie
by Tristram Shandy July 26, 2006
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Something that is meant to be fancy, original and upmarket in the owners eyes but in actual fact is overdone and looks stupid.
That vest you're wearing is sooo poxy.
by orolain July 5, 2005
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n. An utter fucktard. A complete waste of human flesh. He/she stays near online forums attempting to fit in, but fails. Poxy is disliked by all.
Did you hear something? Oh, nevermind, it must have been poxy.
by Anonymous February 16, 2004
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A Poxy is the best kind of gamer. They’re terrible so you always have someone to roast.

Big heart and great laughs, except when they throw your games.

Might drop you for coffee.

Also when you find a poxy be sure not to let them go, if you do you might never find them again, unless you use a magnifying glass
Poxy’s stuck in the elevator, no one open the doors!
by Ginger_72 November 22, 2021
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British person: Are you a poxie? Do you know what a poxie is? It means you lift your skirt up for couple of pennies.
by saburnapuss123 March 24, 2014
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